Engineered Solutions for Pollution Control

EnviroCare has just celebrated its 30th year designing and manufacturing unique solutions to air pollution control problems. Our roots are in the cement industry, supplying evaporative gas conditioning systems and recently developing patented SO2 and detached (secondary) plume abatement technology.

Expanding our in-house nozzle development has led to new products serving a variety of industries including pulp and paper, metals, non-ferrous metals, pigments, and others. EnviroCare recently entered into a business partnership with Andritz, an international engineering firm based in Austria. Our partnership focuses on gas scrubbing technology for the pulp and paper industry.

In 1994, EnviroCare International and G.R. Clark Corporation merged to form a new company, EnviroCare Systems, Inc., to design and manufacturer products for the wastewater and mining industries. The VenturiPak scrubber,which evolved from this merger, has demonstrated phenomenal results on multiple hearth and fluid bed incinerators.

  MicroMist Evaporative Gas Conditioning MicroMest In Duct Humidification MicroMist SO2 and Plume Abatement
  MicroMist Scrubber VenturiPak Scrubber Saracco Scum Concentrator
  Modeil AH Acoustic Horn Wet ESP
Mercury Retort Furnace


  • Custom Engineered Products
  • Over 800 installations world-wide
  • 20+ Years of nozzle development
  • Broad knowledge of industry requirements and solutions
  • World-wide capabilities