Solutions for the Aluminum Industry

Primary Aluminum smelters utilize large baked carbon anodes in the electrolytic cells (pots) used to smelt the metal. These anodes are baked in large ovens that emit a hot off-gas laden with HF, SO2, CO2, CO and hydrocarbons from the pitch used to bind the anodes. This batching process requires precise temperature control of the off gasses, as the fires are moved between oven sections, to protect the fabric filter used and collect the alumina being injected prior to the collector. These gases must be cooled from 300-450F (175-200C) to ~ 210F (~100C).

EnviroCare has provided complete spray systems and tower designs for this very sensitive application to smelters worldwide.

Our Evaporative gas conditioning systems have also been successfully applied in zinc, nickel and steel smelting processes.



  • Proven field experience
  • Nozzle design to suit specific application

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Aluminum Industry